Sep 12, 2011

Maple Leaf Doll Show

We had a really great time! In fact, I think it was one of our best shows, because there was no pressure or anxiety and the atmosphere was really relaxed. Applause to Wade and Edythe and Judy!! Amazingly well organized and comfortable, thank you!

Here's my table, right by the entrance. It was an excellent spot.

It was a great place to meet with fellow artists and friends (thanks April for stopping by!) and meet new, incredibly talented folks! Deborah Downey of Altered Ego Artwerx became rather fond of Ceres the Rat and invited him over to her table. Before you could blink, he was cozying up to the Grandma'am Gnome and trying to get her peanut! She's a tough cookie, though, and even though she wasn't going to hand it over, they still became buddies and posed for a photo.