Jan 28, 2017

Blood red beginning to the year

Finally we have enough snow to look like winter again!  And after a week of fog and grey, we had a day of stunning blue skies.

For your sweetheart: how about a weekend away in beautiful Elora? Come relax at the Flying Leap, we'll treat you to comfort and calm! 
   Skiiing? Snow-shoeing? Or just strolling along the Gorge?  Reconnect to what really matters and enjoy each other's company in our friendly village with top-class restaurants, unique architecture, and stunning winter scenery.  
  With no TV to upset or distract you, you can have a Trump-fee 48 hours (but feel free to use our free wifi if you like).

If you're booking 2 nights or more for the weekends around Valentine's Day and you mention reading our blog, please enjoy 10% off your total booking cost.

Dec 28, 2016

Winter Holiday time in Elora

There is nothing ordinary about Elora.  This is the view when you take the dog out for a walk.  Even on a gray day, you have to stop and admire the natural beauty of the place... just right for contemplating the year's end and new beginnings.

And shopping for that extra special gift or thank you note?  Elora's Mill and Metcalfe streets with their pretty amazing selection of eclectic shops certainly do an impressive job of filling everyone's wish list.  
(Not to forget gems just outside of the Village, like Wellington Fibres just a little ways out on Middlebrook Road.)

This is Pariscope, with stunning ice arrangements decorating their doorway...  

but who can beat a woolly sheep with boots on?  This sweetie stood outside Yarn Bird, a must-see if you knit!
(All these photos were taken by my sister Doris on our December 24th walk before Santa's arrival.  Thank you, Doris!)

Nov 14, 2016

Halloween 2016

As that other Holiday approaches far too quickly, I want to rewind just a wee bit and share some Hallowe'en fun with you.  Elora does Halloween in style with its Monster March parade but this time I want to share with you some of the decorations we got to see our neighbours scare up.

From the elegant to the subtle...

to the just for fun, Elora let its spirits shine.

I had to laugh when I saw this display:  is the abandoned bike and shovel supposed to be there?  I love the gruesome stories you could make up with these elements!!

However, our haunted friends in Aboyne took the cake with their skeleton horses and carriage display!

The skelly horses each even had their own water buckets!

And here was our offering:

 44 children dared to come up to our door on what was one of the most pleasant and mild Hallowe'ens I can remember.  We were expecting more ghosts and goblins to drop in... so there's lots of leftover goodies for our guests to enjoy!

As the light started to fade, the lanterns were lit and and the 2 skeleton dogs were added to the cemetery. 

 Howler was close enough to the walkway that he'd start howling when excited children went by, perfect!

And now all the creepy critters have been packed away (well, never all... there's always a bit of Hallowe'en at our house)...  

Until next year!

Nov 5, 2016

By the light of the Hallowe'en moon

Since it's over, I won't be spoiling anyone's fun by sharing these awesome photos of Tim Murton's "Twilight Zoo: Back from the Dead"!  It took place here in Elora at our Elora Centre for the Arts from October 12-31 and was eeriely beautiful and spooky.  

There photos were all taken by my sister Doris, and I'd say she did a pretty awesome job at capturing the beasts and the atmosphere!  

Not only were the beasts awesome but the hand-painted backdrops were gorgeous, really adding to the whole experience.  Not to forget the sound effects:  the original sound effects were perfect, especially the multiple whispering voices in the Tunnel!  The lighting was also just perfect, with just enough to cast eerie shadows everywhere.  In the Tunnel, the lights even went fully OUT! for a few seconds at intervals, leaving you utterly alone in the Tunnel with its many creepy flora (I'm sure man-eating) and fauna!

Sorry you missed it?  Tim has been doing this for 17 years, always making it a bit different, so plan to visit in October 2017!

Oct 16, 2016

Mother Nature's palette!

We spent a week as tourists!  Well, it's the best way to learn so we can talk with our guests about all the great things to see and do in our area!  And the fall colours were absolutely at their peak, stunning with massive rolling clouds sometimes threatening rain.  Alton Mills was nice to see (good chili!) but the Town of Erin surprised us with its main street of shops and many trails.  We will definitely be going back with the dogs!  We also hiked two trails on Sandy Hills Drive that were very nice. (More to follow in the next post!)

But what I most wanted to share in this post was the brilliant wash of colours in all that we did.  As if the brilliant trees weren't enough, on our drive to Alton Mills along Hwy #18 we passed a canola field, glowing yellow!  This is not our picture but is very similar to what we enjoyed:


And here's a rainbow in a box!  Wellington Fibres on Middlebrook Road just outside of Elora has a great shop right on the farm where you can see the goats in the field.  My sister is needle-felting and shared some of the rovings she bought for her projects.  Wow, what a dazzling selection, thank you again Doris!  If you're into knitting, spinning, weaving or needle-felting, you'll love visiting Wellington Fibres!

Oct 1, 2016

Boo season is here!

My favorite time of year!  Finally cooler temperatures and, like magic, everything goes from green to yellows and oranges and coppers and reds overnight!  

Magnificent!  WOW!  Mother Nature is awesome!  

Before we get into the fun of October, though, we have some seasonal house maintenance to take care of, like fixing up our balcony.  The outside door frame and balcony rail needed scrapping, sanding, priming and painting before the weather turned too cold.

I did manage to start the Hallowe'en baking, though.  Here are the dogs' treats... yes, I have my priorities in order and the dogs are first!  Peanut butter bones and ghosts, and the ghosts still will get a white Merkins coating to be extra yummy.  (Also, dog cookies store really well so they're good to make in advance.)   

And I'm thrilled to say I've been invited to take part in the Twilight Zoo!  My bat conservation display will be part of the October 22nd after-Monster-March fun on the Elora Centre for the Arts grounds.  This photo is from the Twilight Zoo website, where you can read all the details about this month of spooky activities!

Sep 19, 2016

Dog Days of Hallowe'en

So here's a funny story and I imagine this was a unique experience, resulting from having a dog, a bed and breakfast and two animatronic Hallowe'en skelly dogs in your kitchen.  Earlier this month we went to Guelph's Home Depot and adopted two skeleton dogs, one that howls and one that barks and makes some pretty nasty noises.  Unloading the car, I set the two dogs on the kitchen table and Mom went off to do more errands while I waited for guests to arrive and check-in.  I of course played with my new pups (which Willow didn't exactly like) and was testing their sound activation... when the doorbell rang.  Oops!  This, of course, set off Willow who dutifully announced an arrival which, of course, set off the two mechanical dogs!  They work just fine, thank you.  So I had three barking, snarling and howling dogs to deal with, and needed to get to the door pronto!  Where to turn first?!  The on/off switch for the dogs of course is in their mouths, on the palate behind their snapping jaws.  So I scooted Willow into the bedroom before gingerly inserting my fingers into one dog's mouth turning it off and hurried out to get the door.  
  I was grinning ear-to-ear and was probably quite red when I greeted our guests, and they asked about the commotion in the house.  I had to laugh as I told them, no, we only have one dog and no she's not making all that horrible noise all by herself.