Jul 19, 2013


Our little Amazon the baby crow has an update on Salthaven's Facebook page (July 14th entry)!!!  In case you don't use Facebook, I've copied the photos and information from there.  Enjoy reading about our little darling, I'm so happy he has such a good chance of being returned to the wild! 

"This baby crow was admitted to Salthaven on May 25. When found, no parents were in sight and a dead sibling lay nearby. He was rescued by a concerned citizen and brought to Salthaven. He is growing up with another crow at Salthaven.
Baby Crows possess voracious appetites and within 3 weeks, this little crow grew to twice his size. Here he is being misted by Ashley, a Salthaven volunteer. This practice helps to keep the crows hydrated and cool during hot days. As can be seen, the crows take great pleasure in this process and conduct their strategic best to position themselves close to the spray bottle.
Crows are very social creatures, so every precaution is taken at Salthaven to avoid socialization with humans and to ensure dependency on humans is minimal.
Once old enough, the crows are given a pen separate from other birds and contact with humans decreases steadily. They begin to eat on their own without human assistance and as time goes, all human elements such as food dishes, disappear from their immediate area. Food starts to be creatively hidden throughout their pen which allows the crows to search to find food on their own. In time, when flying well and accustomed to finding their own food, they will be released as independent birds. Keeping the wild in wildlife is an important part of the work that goes on at Salthaven."

All 4 photo by Blanka
 Stunningly beautiful, what a treat to have held him and felt his heart beating! 

Jul 10, 2013

Les Fluffy Femmes Fatale

My three ladies... Lady Teah with her dragon companion are relatively new but Sri Lanka the Bellydancer and Giselle the French Maid have been with me a long while.  It's a weird science to try and determine the desires of collectors and an even weirder science to try and explain what gets adopted and why.  Still, while Sri Lanka gets interested suitors and everyone laughs with Giselle (and she has one of the most beautiful noses I ever stitched), they are still here with me.  So, time for a radical change-up!  Partially inspired by my acceptance into the Cambridge Maple Leaf Doll Show (this Sept. 15th) and largely inspired by the fact that the crazier the costume the faster they find homes, we agreed that going Goth was a good choice!

My three ladies... so here they are stripped to almost nothing (Giselle was a bit shy).  Unfortunately, as I was working on Lady Teah I managed to break a glass eye, bugger!!!  So since I had to get her a new pair I tried out all kinds and you know what looked great?  Demon red!  Here they are, Lady Teah, Sri Lanka and Giselle.

It was fun and cathartic in a way to re-model these girls, to take them from a stagnant image and rework their looks and characters to revitalize and bring them to live again! 

So let me introduce you to Demonia, Banshee and Venus!  Demonia now has a red spider for a companion and wears a vinyl catsuit with a high collar and hip-high laced up boots, Banshee had her curly locks straightened and sports a faux-leather bodice, lacy mini skirt and net choker.  Venus traded in her red hair and now is a bleached blonde with pink tips, wearing a faux leather and fur patterned bodice and laced hot pants with thigh high vinyl boots banded just below the knee with cross and loop detailing.  All three sport a lot of jewelry!

Banshee, Venus and Demonia are looking for homes, so if you're interested, email me for additional photos or price and shipping information.  These ladies are not yet on my website, you're getting the first look right here!

Jul 5, 2013

Another skull for the dead and September news

So last weekend I tried to work on the bat and just couldn't, it just wasn't happening... so frustrating.  But instead of wasting the afternoon I shifted gears, putting the bat away and did a bit of quilling.  So here is the 2nd Day of the Dead skull, the smaller one on the left.  It's not yet glued but as you can see it's quite colorful and again I found myself leaning towards an organic, natural theme. 
However, I'm going to have to get sewing!!  I've been accepted to take part in the Maple Leaf Doll Club Show this September 15th!
30th Maple Leaf Doll Club Show
Sunday, September 15th, 2013
Armenian Community Centre
15 International Village Drive
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
10:30am - 4:00pm
Contact Wade Myers at 905-526-7718 or mapleleafdollclub[at]rogers.com
Here's a floor plan, I'm at the back at A110.  Come see me!