Oct 24, 2011

Why dogs aren't allowed in cemeteries

I have a cake in the Kraft "Halloween Centre" gallery! Go to http://www.kraftcanada.com/en/community/gallery.aspx?plckGalleryID=c5adadb0-af9c-4a39-a972-2f835af5903d to see the gallery or directly to:
http://www.kraftcanada.com/en/community/photo.aspx?plckPhotoID=30144f37-7de2-4d03-8968-98b1c8086781&plckGalleryID=c5adadb0-af9c-4a39-a972-2f835af5903d If you want more details on how to recreate this cake, just email me.

I hope you're having fun with your Hallowe'en preparations. Here's a picture of my conjoined twins and partially eaten gingerbread men!
I'm so happy I found these cookie cutters!

Oct 15, 2011

Autumn's glory before the boo!

Wow, isn't Mother Nature awesome!? This is an aerial photo (that was front page on Tuesday's paper) of where I live in southwestern Ontario... simply gorgeous. Of course, things look quite different now as it's rainy and the wind is blowing hard, a lot of the pretty leaves are down. It's very October today... to help get in the mood for a creepy, branch-scratching scary Hallowe'en! I love it!
On the down side, I've managed to get a sinus infection and am laying low this weekend... bugger. Hopefully slowing down and taking care will hurry this infection along, I have to much Hallowe'ening to do!

Oct 6, 2011

Doll Master magazine

I'm so honoured to share this news with you! Back in February, I was approached by Alexandra Varenikova of "Doll Master" magazine, a Russian publication. She was looking for Canadian Teddy bear artists and had seen my work online: would I be interested in being included? YES! And so finally I received my copy and I'm entirely blown away by the quality of art in this magazine! Not only is the magazine a high-gloss publication, the doll art is breath-taking! Wow! And three of my girls are in there: Seian, Sarah Bratbie and Melusine!
(Click on the thumbnails to see full-sized images.)

Sadly, I don't know any Russian at all, do you? If you do, are you willing to translate these 3 pages? I'd very much appreciate it!! Please email me!

Oct 3, 2011

On top of the world!

So the Hallowe'en studio tour is up and running! The opening of the creaking gate went smoothly on Friday night, right around midnight and that marked the end of a long and hard climb... I didn't get to finish everything I'd planned on, but I'm very happy with the result. Furthermore, the artists all seem to be happy with the tour, as well as all the trick or treaters who have emailed... Here's to the bats!
I didn't finish my demon, he's still just an unfinished head... But there's still lots of time to create some of the Hallowe'en decorations I planned on making LAST year!!!