May 30, 2011

Oscar nominations pending?

Okay, while they are decidedly amateurish, I've made two mini videos of Giselle the French Maid and Devina the She-Devil Rat! They're both on YouTube, but you can also catch them on their individual webpages. The purpose: perhaps someone on YouTube will stumble upon them and who knows?!

Besides, poor Giselle was still heart-broken about not getting any bids at the Philly auction and needed some loving attention to feel better!

Cub reporter!

Wonderful news!!!! Joyce Greenholdt, editor of "Teddy Bear Review" magazine, wants my photos and a write-up about the Philly Convention! They also want some photos for "Dolls" magazine, a sister publication!!! I'm thrilled to share with them: "Teddy Bear Review" is the better of the available US publications, in my opinion, and they have always been good to me in including the pictures I send them of my critters.

It's a really lovely pat on the back, and there's an added bonus: for the most part, I only took pictures of the work and of the artists that I like so it's a wonderful thing to be able to help share their creations with TBR's readers!

In other Philly news, I've heard back from Terry Quinlan and he said of my web review: "Great pictures, naration and organization." That too is really lovely news as I thought perhaps he wouldn't be too pleased with the candid commentary. But he is!!! Yippy!

May 27, 2011

By the way...

...Bella was born in time for the Convention!! Here he is just a few days before we were to fly...

and here he is on my bed at the hotel! Handsome ratty! This is one of his first pictures after being born, as I didn't get a chance to photograph him at home! But, since he didn't find adoptive parents at the Convention, I'll be taking some better photos...

Want him? He's house-broken, click here for more pictures! And free shipping until June 15th!

May 25, 2011

Philly show report!

While I couldn't get a blog post up for you every day during the show, I've created a website with a daily description of activities and lots of photos! Go to my home page, and click on the Philly show's flyer image. Check out the Teddy and doll art! It was a great experience on many levels and I learned a lot... If you have the chance to attend such a show, I highly recommend it!

So, now what? My next show is in September, so how about a little sale?! If you adopt anyone on my available page before June 15th, I'll pay the shipping! Just mention you read it on my blog!

May 14, 2011


What a ride!
Sadly I wasn't able to blog daily about the event, but our Doll and Teddy Bear experience is all but done. And what an adventure! I have to start by saying the hotel, the Ramada Airport Hotel, did everything to make us comfortable. The food was always tasteful and everything went along quite fluidly. It was a pleasure to mingle with the artists, most of whom I only knew of by name, and hear so many stories about their lives. Sure, there was room for improvement (as there always is) but overall Terry and Susan did an amazing job bringing all this talent together in one location for such a well organized event. Cheers to them both!
Okay, Mom and I are exhausted and we're going to go melt in our room now. But I'll finish by saying I adopted the most amazing art piece from "Broken Planet", a gorgeous, mysterious piece with a beautiful earthy feel... I will share pictures shortly!
3 days to enjoy Philly now! There's a cheese steak with my name on it! And Mikki, whom we met here (and who gave a really lovely tribute to her grandmother a noted doll artist), has advised us on where to find the best!

May 7, 2011


Less than a week to go!!!

One thing no one can avoid... paperwork! In this case, hang tags and descriptive tags for each one of the critters as they pack their bags for Philly! Time consuming but necessary.

Then Mom and I punched a lot of batty shaped holes to create this attractive handout! Trying to make something memorable to give to our first 100 interested collectors, we made these sets which include an Online Hallowe'en Artists' Studio Tour bookmark, a Bat Conservation International circular sticker and a postcard featuring a number of my critters, all tied together with cool sparkling blue yarn, the same color as our table covering. I think it will be a hit!