May 30, 2011

Cub reporter!

Wonderful news!!!! Joyce Greenholdt, editor of "Teddy Bear Review" magazine, wants my photos and a write-up about the Philly Convention! They also want some photos for "Dolls" magazine, a sister publication!!! I'm thrilled to share with them: "Teddy Bear Review" is the better of the available US publications, in my opinion, and they have always been good to me in including the pictures I send them of my critters.

It's a really lovely pat on the back, and there's an added bonus: for the most part, I only took pictures of the work and of the artists that I like so it's a wonderful thing to be able to help share their creations with TBR's readers!

In other Philly news, I've heard back from Terry Quinlan and he said of my web review: "Great pictures, naration and organization." That too is really lovely news as I thought perhaps he wouldn't be too pleased with the candid commentary. But he is!!! Yippy!

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