May 27, 2013

Where the wild things are

Magic is something you make, but sometimes magic finds you. 
On Wednesday night, Willow and I stumbled upon a baby crow in a small stand of pine trees.  We were actually quite startled by the noisy little bugger, screaming away with his beautiful red mouth wwwiiidddeee open.  We withdrew and watched and waited for a parent to show up but nothing happened, except that the little guy begged for food from every branch or weed that swayed in the wind.  So we continued on our walk (encountering a very dead baby bunny, poor thing) and when I got home I found a small box and a bit of cloth and returned to the park.  Again, I approached listening and looking for a parent... nothing.  I squatted down and waited for a good while... nothing.  Little did I know that not 2 feet from me was a dead baby crow (we found him the next day.)!  As it was getting dark and I know there are at least 2 cats that prowl the area, I boxed up the little guy and brought him home. 

He is a wonder!
We fed him Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Duck Formula meat medallions (Willow's treat and she was so not impressed!) and he went to sleep in his faux nest.  The next day he was happy to be fed again, screaming and begging and this happened every two hours or so, with a great big poop which he tried very hard to do outside the nest and we got him to poop on a Kleenex, clever bird!  Wild things are so clean. 


Of course we had to find someone who could teach him to be a crow and feed himself, so I called around.  Our Humane Society could offer us no help at all, but a member of the local Naturalists told us about Salthaven.  And so, on Saturday morning after enjoying this wild spirit for 2 days we brought him away to be rehabilitated and eventually released. 

I feel incredibly honored to have met our little crow, who we named Amazon.  As a Hallowe'ener and animal lover, having such an opportunity to save a life and a crow to top it off really is an incredible joy!  S/he will remain perched on my heart forever. 

It's been a lovely Spring for critters, like this baby bunny who regularly visits our yard (much to Willow's excitement!). 

This photo was taken through the glass door; what you don't hear is Willow yowling as if her leg was being sawed off!! 

And here are the huge snapping turtles we spotted in the river.  Yicks!  Their tails are positively dinosaur-like!  Awesome creatures! 

May 21, 2013

Jack Frost, incognito

Spring!  We're bombarded by greens of every shade, lush and succulent, and the scents in the air of lilac, apple blossoms and Lily of the Valley... But every now and again there's a cool breeze, a bit nippy even, and you wonder, "Where did that come from?!" 

Sorry.  It was just Jack Frost passing by.  As an Elemental, he knows all about turn-taking but he can't help it if his breath comes out 20 degrees colder than when it went in or that an ice cream cone never melts in his hands.  Moisture crystallizes in the air around him and he can create the best popsicles just with a wink even on the hottest days (lilac and green grass flavoured maybe but still refreshing).

  The word "humidity" sounds like the most loathsome curse when his lips and tongue draw out the syllables with a wicked sneer, you can't help but cringe as if being pelted by ice rain.

  He actually enjoys strolling the beach, but only after dark when the pebbles can pretend to be hail stones and the moonlight on the water looks, well, like ice if you squint the right way (which he always does).  And he doesn't mind Spring and Summer, taking siestas in the fridge and humming along with the drone of the air conditioning units. 

For Jack knows the winds are blowing the calendar pages past and soon October will have its turn again, when he can start sneaking in a few early frosts.
                       He knows.  Look up.  Are those snow clouds forming?

Jack was lovingly created by artist Jacqui Gallant.  You can see more of her work on her website or at the gallery Dollirium.

May 20, 2013

With Passion!

Dollirium Art Doll Emporium
proudly presents
'The Home Grown Doll Show'
featuring artists who live in Ontario, Canada.
This is a free event.
Opening reception is Sunday May 26th 2013, 7pm-10pm. 
Dollirium is at:  1 Cliftonvale Ave., London, Ontario. 

Featuring Canadian artists:
Sara Deck -
Chris Elliott
Jacqui Gallant -
Debbie Mellor
Ghoul Friday -
Michelle Di Pinto -
Simone Young
Sarah Legault-
Lana Hicks

and, as of today, me!  I am so thrillled!!  Cere and Bella the Rats, Devina the Costumed Lady Rat and Miss Ella-Mental Wix will all be at the gallery to greet you on May 26th!

Curious?   Dollium is Canada's only fine art gallery dedicated to fine art dolls and fine art doll related artwork, with a decidedly dark twist. Dollirium is open to the public Tues. - Sat. 11am - 7pm.  You can listen to a short interview with Jacqui Gallant and Sarah Legault that aired on CHRW News by clicking below.

Spring! A new song begins!

Spring!  I wish I could send you how the world smells today!  Lilac, apple blossoms, wild flowers... the world is alive! 

(The lilacs are in our yard while the blossoms are in the local cemetery.)
And here is a pan of our backyard:  Garden Tour, Interrupted by Squirrel.

May 13, 2013

In progress!

Isn't his expression and presence amazing?!  This is Jack Frost in progress, he now has a body, hands and feet!  (I first introduced you to him with the photo on the right, before gaining a body.) I'm so excited, although he has been wrecking havoc with the weather!  Mid-May and near frost, yuck!  
Jacqui Gallant of Odd Dollz and Dollirium is hard at work finishing Jack so he can come home to me, I can hardly wait!  
And while I wait I've been quilling a bit, here is my in-progress spider web.

A sweet little yellow-eyed spider with a crooked smile is also ready for his new home.

And here they are together, ready to hang in a Hallowe'en tree or against a light colored wall.  Yup, it's always time for Hallowe'en decorating! 

May 6, 2013

Happy Birthday baby!

Three cheers for Willow!  Hip hip hooray!  Willow celebrated her 7th birthday in doggy style: tons of treats and presents! 
Her Auntie Dodo and Cousins Mocha and Zima sent her the Lambchop, cute card and jumbo bag of Zukes while Mom cooked up those chicken hearts and gizzards and I made her the sausage-cheddar cookies and gave her the freeze-dried liver treats and beef pizzles.  Spoiled?  YOU BETCHA!