May 27, 2013

Where the wild things are

Magic is something you make, but sometimes magic finds you. 
On Wednesday night, Willow and I stumbled upon a baby crow in a small stand of pine trees.  We were actually quite startled by the noisy little bugger, screaming away with his beautiful red mouth wwwiiidddeee open.  We withdrew and watched and waited for a parent to show up but nothing happened, except that the little guy begged for food from every branch or weed that swayed in the wind.  So we continued on our walk (encountering a very dead baby bunny, poor thing) and when I got home I found a small box and a bit of cloth and returned to the park.  Again, I approached listening and looking for a parent... nothing.  I squatted down and waited for a good while... nothing.  Little did I know that not 2 feet from me was a dead baby crow (we found him the next day.)!  As it was getting dark and I know there are at least 2 cats that prowl the area, I boxed up the little guy and brought him home. 

He is a wonder!
We fed him Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Duck Formula meat medallions (Willow's treat and she was so not impressed!) and he went to sleep in his faux nest.  The next day he was happy to be fed again, screaming and begging and this happened every two hours or so, with a great big poop which he tried very hard to do outside the nest and we got him to poop on a Kleenex, clever bird!  Wild things are so clean. 


Of course we had to find someone who could teach him to be a crow and feed himself, so I called around.  Our Humane Society could offer us no help at all, but a member of the local Naturalists told us about Salthaven.  And so, on Saturday morning after enjoying this wild spirit for 2 days we brought him away to be rehabilitated and eventually released. 

I feel incredibly honored to have met our little crow, who we named Amazon.  As a Hallowe'ener and animal lover, having such an opportunity to save a life and a crow to top it off really is an incredible joy!  S/he will remain perched on my heart forever. 

It's been a lovely Spring for critters, like this baby bunny who regularly visits our yard (much to Willow's excitement!). 

This photo was taken through the glass door; what you don't hear is Willow yowling as if her leg was being sawed off!! 

And here are the huge snapping turtles we spotted in the river.  Yicks!  Their tails are positively dinosaur-like!  Awesome creatures! 

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