May 21, 2013

Jack Frost, incognito

Spring!  We're bombarded by greens of every shade, lush and succulent, and the scents in the air of lilac, apple blossoms and Lily of the Valley... But every now and again there's a cool breeze, a bit nippy even, and you wonder, "Where did that come from?!" 

Sorry.  It was just Jack Frost passing by.  As an Elemental, he knows all about turn-taking but he can't help it if his breath comes out 20 degrees colder than when it went in or that an ice cream cone never melts in his hands.  Moisture crystallizes in the air around him and he can create the best popsicles just with a wink even on the hottest days (lilac and green grass flavoured maybe but still refreshing).

  The word "humidity" sounds like the most loathsome curse when his lips and tongue draw out the syllables with a wicked sneer, you can't help but cringe as if being pelted by ice rain.

  He actually enjoys strolling the beach, but only after dark when the pebbles can pretend to be hail stones and the moonlight on the water looks, well, like ice if you squint the right way (which he always does).  And he doesn't mind Spring and Summer, taking siestas in the fridge and humming along with the drone of the air conditioning units. 

For Jack knows the winds are blowing the calendar pages past and soon October will have its turn again, when he can start sneaking in a few early frosts.
                       He knows.  Look up.  Are those snow clouds forming?

Jack was lovingly created by artist Jacqui Gallant.  You can see more of her work on her website or at the gallery Dollirium.

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