Feb 13, 2016

Tuning up

Sorry for the over-long silence: we've been very busy with renovations!  Since January 4th, we've been hip dip in the tool box doing all sorts of repairs and fixes, everything from re-gluing peeling wallpaper to having new windows installed.  More details later, but for now here's one of the little jobs that took quite a bit of effort: 

Our Little Creek door had a very broken strike plate, in fact as we removed it we discovered it was actually in two pieces!

Ouch!  The space that had been carved out of the door frame was also a mess, so we took the brass strike plate from the linen closet door (which strangely has no latch anyway), checked its location with the latch (using a smear of mustard!), measured what it needed and filled the rest of the carved out space with wood filler.  Sanded smooth, all it needs now is a coat of paint or two and then we can screw the plate on securely.  

So many new things to learn!  
Below, the door terminology image is from http://www.hardwaredetailed.com/.