Mar 23, 2020

Cabin and Spring Fever!

So just when it was time to come out of hibernation:  COVID-19!  I'm so bummed, we were really looking forward to exploring our new area and all the wonderful Springtime events, like the maple syrup fests... now we're stuck in our house and getting a little stir-crazy.  The pups are keeping us on schedule, though, and long walks help our mood, as well as some of the wonderful things being shared online, like this: 
When I heard some folks were turning their Christmas decorations back on, though, that made me shiver.  Christmas?!  I want Spring, I want flowers, I want mud and birds and green!  So I decorated for Spring, here are our front windows:

Bunnies!  Tulips!  Sunshine!  If you'd like to do the same, there are hundreds of bunny templates online but you're welcome to use mine.  They are about 20 years old, so I don't recall which ones I hand-drew and which were found online...  for your personal pleasure please use them to spruce up your home with seasonal color and fun!  Just print them on a full sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper and use them as templates on cardstock or whatever paper you have in your home.  

Enjoy!  Shine on!  Stay well, both physically and mentally!

Mar 3, 2020

Mount Forest

So I thought I'd introduce you our new town:  Mount Forest!  It's in the North Wellington part of Wellington County and right on the Saugeen River.  Mount Forest is at a higher elevation than surrounding land, which led to the town's motto of "High, Healthy and Happy", so that's high as in high up not the other "high".  

Going back in time, according to Wikipedia, there's supposed to be an ancient native burial site close to our house, but we have not yet discovered where (there's supposed to be a marker).  In 1851 Mount Forest got it's post office, and in 1871 the train stopped here.  Today the population hovers above 5000.
  The "Founding of Mount Forest" plaque photo is from this website.

  Pictures are worth a million words so here are two videos for you to enjoy:

 It shows the Saugeen River, which is lovely and so alive with birds, and while we live close by the video does not capture our house:  the closest it gets is at 5:23 when Oakview Crescent can be seen.

This second video shows the town:

Annually, on the third weekend in July, Mount Forest hosts a huge Fireworks Festival, along with a classic car show and carnival.  We're looking forward to experiencing all the fun!