Apr 2, 2019

Moves like water

Things are continually changing everywhere, and Elora is no exception.  Our little village is constantly in motion, it seems, like the rivers that converge here.

Just today we learned that the long-standing Cork Restaurant is no more.  This is the closest restaurant to our B&B and we wonder how many of our guests stopped here to dine, especially in rainy weather rather than wandering farther into the village? 

Just next door, the Curry Paradise is gone, with a new vintage and handmade clothing shop all set to open in the space:  Studio Kampina.

A little farther down the road, Lemon and Limestone closed after 3 years in business, their little shop standing sadly empty as of today.

Further still, the tea room is gone and the building is for sale.  Do you have $1.2 million?  This building is a new build, just completed (I think) 3 years ago.   

On Mill Street, we have Serenity Café gone with the building for sale and beside it the former Shepherd's Pub will be re-opening as a restaurant, the Friend's Society with a story behind their name dating back to the temperance movement.

Lastly, the pedestrian bridge that will span the Grand River is set to re-open this Summer.  The main structure is already in place so this beautiful addition to the village will soon add a lot to the atmosphere, accessibility and enjoyment of the area.
Thank you to Peggy at the Elora Fergus Tourism office for helping us get up to speed with all the changes!