Dec 31, 2010


Here are the crystal beads and rhinestone jewelry that my sister helped me find!
One thing is for sure: this dancing girl is going to sparkle!

All the very ratty best in 2011 to you and yours!

Dec 30, 2010

good intentions

So, the Moulin Rouge dancing girl actually was conceived 2 years ago... and has been waiting ever since. In 2008 (the Year of the Rat), Mom and I visited Paris in May (see my web presentation at and the posters caught my eye... what a gorgeous costume, all crystal beads and feathers!

So I purchased a wig and shoes from Monique, although this would require a miniaturization of my 15in lady bear as the wig's largest available size (at that time) was 2 sizes smaller than what I normally use, to say nothing of the petite feet!

And that's where the project sputtered to a halt. I definitely want to include the poster as a backdrop and a mirror, if possible. Perhaps a rich, velvet curtain... ah, the ideas! In November I did manage to scan and shrink the pattern...

So what comes next? I need to test the head pattern to make sure the wig will fit, and decide what color fur she should be created in!

Dec 29, 2010

cabin fever

Christmas was lovely, but we always end up with cabin fever after a few days, so shopping around Boxing Day is a given. With my sister's help (she found them), I scored some lovely faux-crystals at the DollarStore, of all places! They look really very nice... And at the Antique Warehouse, we found some perfect costume jewelry that will brilliantly finish my Moulin Rouge Parisienne dancing girl! Yes, this is the first critter on my list, waiting for 2 years, ever since we visited Paris and I saw those gorgeous posters for "Feerie"!

last days of 2010...

It's almost here, 2011! I very much hope and plan to be a much more creative person in 2011, especially in regards to my soft sculpture critters. There are great things brewing...
So, why a blog? I'm exceptionally adept at doing everything EXCEPT my creative stuff. (Great things have been brewing for a looonnggg time...) It's always last on the list and there are, sadly, only so many hours in a day no matter how you try and milk it. Perhaps, if I have a blog to share, I'll keep track of my progress (or lack there of) and actually stay on top of my schedule. This is especially important since I'm doing the Quinlan's convention. Basically, I'm investing something like $2000 to do the show (plane tickets, hotel, show fee, etc...), so I had better have some incredible art to share!

Want to see who else is taking part in the Convention? To see a list of artists, please visit

Dec 23, 2010

Bright colors, inviting, lively and fresh... this is so not me! :) But orange is still a Hallowe'en color, so I'm liking it more and more! Welcome to my new blog, dear readers!

(There, with some rats you know it's still me!)