Dec 29, 2010

last days of 2010...

It's almost here, 2011! I very much hope and plan to be a much more creative person in 2011, especially in regards to my soft sculpture critters. There are great things brewing...
So, why a blog? I'm exceptionally adept at doing everything EXCEPT my creative stuff. (Great things have been brewing for a looonnggg time...) It's always last on the list and there are, sadly, only so many hours in a day no matter how you try and milk it. Perhaps, if I have a blog to share, I'll keep track of my progress (or lack there of) and actually stay on top of my schedule. This is especially important since I'm doing the Quinlan's convention. Basically, I'm investing something like $2000 to do the show (plane tickets, hotel, show fee, etc...), so I had better have some incredible art to share!

Want to see who else is taking part in the Convention? To see a list of artists, please visit

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