Dec 30, 2010

good intentions

So, the Moulin Rouge dancing girl actually was conceived 2 years ago... and has been waiting ever since. In 2008 (the Year of the Rat), Mom and I visited Paris in May (see my web presentation at and the posters caught my eye... what a gorgeous costume, all crystal beads and feathers!

So I purchased a wig and shoes from Monique, although this would require a miniaturization of my 15in lady bear as the wig's largest available size (at that time) was 2 sizes smaller than what I normally use, to say nothing of the petite feet!

And that's where the project sputtered to a halt. I definitely want to include the poster as a backdrop and a mirror, if possible. Perhaps a rich, velvet curtain... ah, the ideas! In November I did manage to scan and shrink the pattern...

So what comes next? I need to test the head pattern to make sure the wig will fit, and decide what color fur she should be created in!

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