Oct 25, 2017

Getting spooky!

It's almost Hallowe'en!  We have to hurry up and get ready!  

While our pumpkin lights have been on since October 1st, I really wanted to add something special to our decorations this year.  I wanted a ghost to hover over our front door over the trick-or-treaters and so the hunt was on for the necessary pieces.

First, we luckily found a great female ghost!  

She needed hands, though, and the Dollarama had just what we needed, while the Canadian Tire had the clips, tape and hardware we'd need to hang her up securely.  

These two lanterns from HomeSense that I bought in the Spring now finally had a purpose, along with an old dog chain and leaves from Dollarama.

And she's up!  It took a while, but our ghost is on a pulley system so that we can lower her to turn on/off her glowing head.


Oct 23, 2017

The Spirit is Loose in Elora!

In the Afterword to Ray Bradbury's book From the Dust Returned he wrote "Halloween is the time of year for story-telling... I believe in this more than I have believed in anything in my writing career."  And Elora takes this statement to its still-beating, blood red heart!  There are so many great spooky stories being told this month, take a look at these offerings!  

Of course there are more sombre offerings as well, with the films from Alberta Nye and a talk with Shelley Carter about her "Death Perceptions" exhibit from 2016.  

And a handmade market!

So many options!  And there's also a Haunted Woods Walk just a hop outside of Elora that runs from 6:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 28!  Read about it by clicking here.

October is just spook-tacular in Elora!!