Aug 20, 2018

August Rats

It is our most busy time of year but I managed to sit down for a few hours last week to relax and follow the instructions in this beautiful book, Paper Quilling Chinese Style by the Zhu Liqun Paper Arts Museum. Of course I tried out the rat design!   With lots of photographs accompanying the instructions, I was able to birth 4 lovelies: 

I think you can definitely tell which was the first! 
 I like how they're all different, each with his/her own personality.

And it is ALL about the tools, even in quilling.  I purchased this little glue applicator bottle and it really is a wonderful upgrade from using a pin or toothpick.  Yes, the thin metal applicator tube does get clogged with dried glue but you can use a thin needle (like the one in the photo) to clear the tube before you put it away, and I've read folks place the bottle upside down in a shot glass with a bit of moist paper towel to keep the tube from clogging while in use.