Nov 19, 2017

Circles of Giving

Last year the spirit of community was celebrated with a Silent Wreath Auction, where all proceeds went to the Elora Centre for the Arts.  It was a glorious display of creativity and cheer with all sorts of folks donating their time and efforts to making one-of-a-kind, stunning wreaths to support our very special Centre.
This year I'm thrilled to announce it will be happening again!  And I found out early enough to do more than bid:  I actually made 2 wreaths!   Not only will there be a wreath auction, but take a look at this poster and the week full of wonderful events!

So, what does a wreath auction look like?  Here are photos of last year's entries:

And let us not neglect the stunning area prepared for Santa!  On Sunday bring your own camera and get photos with Santa Claus, comfortably seated in a beautiful, magical wonderland.

So what will be on the walls this year?  Come and see and bid to bring home a completely unique, handmade piece of art that will help our Arts Centre continue to thrive!