May 11, 2017

Forever Green!

As anyone who has ever visited the Flying Leap, you know we love our garden!  Mom and I spend countless hours and while it is a work in progress we certainly are making the old girl look grand!  The magnolia trees and tulips in Elora are particularly pretty this year.

Sadly, however, there are lots of dark spots inside the house where real plants simply do poorly.  This is a frustrating shame for us, as we always had lovely house plants in our previous homes.  Well, what to do?

Enter Melanie B. Floral Designs in Sebringville (about a 1 hour drive from Elora)!  We met Melanie when we lived in Stratford and were absolutely delighted and amazed by the quality and arrangements of her lovely silks.  Believe me, there is a HUGE difference between quality silks and the regular stuff you find at places like Michaels.

This week Melanie has her annual Mother's Day Open House and knowing what we needed we phoned ahead and then visited on Tuesday to see what there was for us!

Along with a beautiful Canada 150 door decoration and lovely potted faux plants for our 3-season sunroom, Melanie put together this for our Meadow room, where the live plant simply wasn't thriving.  

My treat, though, was to bring along my goblin planter, which has been waiting in the basement until now.  It's original plant disintegrated and hunting around found nothing suitable.  Melanie, however, took one look at it and her brain was churning!  In almost no time, she created this perfect arrangement featuring hops, a few succulents and some other varieties.  Here he is, ready to come home.

And here he is in our sunroom for all our guests to see!

Thank you Melanie!

You can see more of what Melanie creates on her Facebook page: