Sep 28, 2012

Culture Days sneak peak!

Took these shots after setting up for Culture Days (this weekend) at Factory 163!   Here I am posing with our corpse bride who "hands out" pamphlets to our Hallowe'en Studio Tour!

Here's our informative and fun bat display!

And here's my table!  The 8 pieces are displayed like art and look amazing!  And look at the warehouse, what an incredible space, with Desmond Healey stage sets placed around as backdrops!  Wow!

And my new love!  Across from us is a fellow who makes harps... what a beautiful instrument...  I was encouraged to pluck a few strings and the sound and vibration are incredible.  It's easy to think of this creation as a living thing.

Sep 19, 2012

My online tour, 4th time around!

This is what my world revolves around right now:  the spreadsheet for the Online Hallowe'en Artists' Studio Trick or Treat that I host.  The artists have sent in their photos and descriptions and I'm busily putting their "studio" pages together, keeping track of who sent what on my trusty (yes) hand-written sheet.  (I've smudged out the names so those artists who are LATE won't be overly embarrassed.)
  The art is AWESOME!!!  The artists are all so sweet, and creative and happy about the tour, but it is a ton of work and I'm creaking under the pressure a bit...  Organizing, finding and getting artists to join, advertising, and now putting the pages together... it's a constant, ongoing affair and August and September are complete write-offs.  This is the fourth year and I've decided that next year I will take a break.  I had so many plans for my own entrees for the tour and didn't find the time (make the time?) to get any of them finished, which is woefully sad since I knew I would be needing them since November 1st, 2011.  The witch shoe on wheels being pulled by demons, the mini skull magnets, the assortment of bat-head brooches... all still just dream-stuff.  Ah well...   
So 2013 will be mine to catch up with MY art, and rejuvenate for a glorious 2014 tour revival!

Sep 13, 2012

Getting in the mood...

Facebook may be good for something...  Check out this incredible Hallowe'en costume!!  The corset and all the finery were brought together by Glamtastik in New Jersey.  Thank you, Sarah, for posting this on Facebook!  And as you said, Sarah, sadly legs are not included!!!  But I'd wear it anyway!
 And then there's this lovely, atmospheric Hallowe'en dining set-up! I hope to achieve something as inviting for the Post-Mortem party (after Monster Month).  This image is also off of Facebook, visit "The Pumpkin Season - When Witches Fly" for more treats!

Sep 8, 2012

True colors

Here's a perfect poster, I wish it was easier to do without resorting to a chainsaw, shovel and an isolated graveyard... sigh.

Sep 7, 2012

In print and in process!

So the tombstones are coming along... slowly.  Where does the time go!?

I'm using markers to color in the lettering and designs, it's the simpliest and the ink is supposed to be waterproof.  Hopefully we won't be finding out!
And imagine how thrilled we were to read this article in the Gorge Film and Art September issue.  Wow, thank you Julie! 

Sep 4, 2012

bats and kids

From Bat World Sanctuary I thought to share this great leaflet:  on one side you can learn what to do if you find a bat, on the other side is a snappy rap for children to remember what to do if they should come across a bat.