Dec 28, 2016

Winter Holiday time in Elora

There is nothing ordinary about Elora.  This is the view when you take the dog out for a walk.  Even on a gray day, you have to stop and admire the natural beauty of the place... just right for contemplating the year's end and new beginnings.

And shopping for that extra special gift or thank you note?  Elora's Mill and Metcalfe streets with their pretty amazing selection of eclectic shops certainly do an impressive job of filling everyone's wish list.  
(Not to forget gems just outside of the Village, like Wellington Fibres just a little ways out on Middlebrook Road.)

This is Pariscope, with stunning ice arrangements decorating their doorway...  

but who can beat a woolly sheep with boots on?  This sweetie stood outside Yarn Bird, a must-see if you knit!
(All these photos were taken by my sister Doris on our December 24th walk before Santa's arrival.  Thank you, Doris!)