Apr 22, 2015

Earth Day action

For Earth Day, I decided not to add my printer to the landfill and try to fix it again.  I have an HP Deskjet 6540 and one wee piece of plastic that holds the spring that holds the black ink cartridge is broken.  The spring, therefore, doesn't stay in its slot and the printer doesn't register that the ink cartridge is there.  What do I get when I try to print?  Flashing lights, not even a helpful error message.  I fixed this once before when I first discovered the problem about a year ago but my fix (wire wrapped around in just the right spot) is now broken.  Bugger.
  But then my friend Tammi showed me this Bondic welding plastic.

Will this do the trick?  Quite possibly!  If I can recreate the missing plastic piece and further add braces so the spring can move but stay in its track it could be awesome!  

Happy Earth Day everyone!  Be creative and leave a smaller mess behind you!  We are ALL responsible for the future of our planet so use your brain and be you, only better!

Apr 18, 2015

Golden oldies

It's an exciting weekend!  We're busy with guests involved in the Elora Vintage and Antiques Show which has been running for 20+ years.  After satisfying our guests with Eggs Benedict, German streusal kuchen with apricot and lemon cake (a really super nice group of people along with the sweetest Westie-Poo!), Mom and I headed over (a very short 3 minute walk) to see it for ourselves.

 It was well-attended and the crowds seemed very keen.  There were some interesting conversations going on and some lovely pieces on display.  And while we're not very much into antiques, I did bring home a rat!  

It's not often that you see a rat in a postcard so I had to bring this one home, even though the rat is in trouble!  And the rabbit one is strange:  is it a real photo or was it staged?  It looks fake/staged, but did they do that sort of thing back then?  These cards were purchased from Attic Books of London, Ontario (along with a few to gift my friend Rose who always sends me such awesome Krampus postcards).

On a more practical note, the cornflower pattern in glass has always caught my eye and there was quite a lot of it at the Show.  This piece (from Victoria Street Antiques) however, is both useful and lovely:  it will be used to serve our guests sauces for pancakes, like lemon sauce or raspberry.  Perhaps it'll also be used for warmed maple syrup... maybe this pretty, delicate vessel will discourage guests from drowning beyond recognition my home-made, buttery pancakes in maple syrup!  (How many B&B hosts grumble about this?!)  Ah well, to each his/her own...  : }  

Apr 4, 2015

Bunnies everywhere! Happy Spring!

Here's a view of our dining room and parlour, it's so hard to photograph so I decided to try a mini video:

It gives a better sense of the space.  This area is for all our guests to use, to relax, to share wine with friends or play bridge on the big dining room table.  

Yes, those are bunnies and lambs on the table, and bunnies in the windows.  Here are some more images of our Springtime home... ignore the snow.

And here's what our guests enjoyed this morning:  Eggs in a Nest with avocado and alfalfa sprouts!  This was followed by apple-honey cake and a cherry German-pudding cake.