Apr 22, 2015

Earth Day action

For Earth Day, I decided not to add my printer to the landfill and try to fix it again.  I have an HP Deskjet 6540 and one wee piece of plastic that holds the spring that holds the black ink cartridge is broken.  The spring, therefore, doesn't stay in its slot and the printer doesn't register that the ink cartridge is there.  What do I get when I try to print?  Flashing lights, not even a helpful error message.  I fixed this once before when I first discovered the problem about a year ago but my fix (wire wrapped around in just the right spot) is now broken.  Bugger.
  But then my friend Tammi showed me this Bondic welding plastic.

Will this do the trick?  Quite possibly!  If I can recreate the missing plastic piece and further add braces so the spring can move but stay in its track it could be awesome!  

Happy Earth Day everyone!  Be creative and leave a smaller mess behind you!  We are ALL responsible for the future of our planet so use your brain and be you, only better!

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