May 30, 2012

Giving too much away?

Well, I probably would...

And this just belongs on a t-shirt!

These were fished off of Facebook; I have like-minded friends!

May 27, 2012

How do people manage to keep up with their email, Facebook, blogs, tweets, work, home life, social life, etc...?  I'm at a loss to figure it out, and I find myself constantly lagging behind.  I really am an organized person, I don't take part in many clubs or committees, I have no human children, so I SHOULD have time to do everything and yet at the end of the day I'm still trailing.  It seems like some folks are constantly logged in and on, how can that be?  And when's the last time you sat down and read a novel?  Me?  Last summer! 
  So, how do you manage?  What's your secret? 

  We put in the garden yesterday, mostly perennials, and today I got to work on some bat heads, 4 of them.  And, when I find the TIME, I'm going to bake some bread (provided it's not a killer hot day).  Batty bread, from a recipe printed in the Fall/Winter 2011 issue of Bat World's magazine.  Click on the image above for a larger view, looks good!  And when you share it, be sure to mention that the production of all the ingredients is dependent on bats!

May 14, 2012

Too good to eat!

Has someone ever done something so nice for you, so utterly unexpected, that it makes you pause and wonder?  Maybe there's hope for humankind after all?   I had such a moment this week, when I received in the mail a small packet.  Inside the packet were a number of tasty morsels but none compares to this incredible gift:  a postcard featuring a Krampus cookie being eaten by 2 rats!  (Okay, maybe you think they are mice but I know they're rats!)  

Wow!  Since I recently "discovered" Krampus (thanks again Eric!) I have been in love with him!  And you know I love rats!  So perhaps you can imagine how happy this card makes me!  (I also love baking cookies, so there!)  
Here's a closeup of the rats.

Thank you, Rose, from the very bottom of my inky, pessimistic heart to the very tips of my imagination and inspiration!  You are a wonder!
I hope to make you feel at least a bit of this happy very soon!

And thank you to the Hallowe'en Queen herself, Pamela Apkarian-Russell, for guiding this card into Rose's hands.  It couldn't be appreciated more!

May 10, 2012

Please help out on Endangered Species Day!

This adorable Black Footed-Ferret is endangered but the good folks at Prairie Wildlife Research are working to help release captive-bred individuals and re-establish wild colonies, with the help of good folks like you and me!

May 6, 2012

London Doll Show last weekend

So last Sunday we took part in the London Doll Show in London, Ontario; this was our table.  It was a frustrating day for us:  we received oodles of positive comments, many people saying things like "So imaginative!" and "So creative!" and "I'm so happy I saw your work!" and so on... but not a single sale.  Nothing.  Worse still, I didn't buy anything except one wig and a magazine. 
  So, where to go from here?  Well, up!  April Norton is striving to bring in more artists and higher end vendors but obviously it's a bit of an uphill struggle.  Where should I be showing my critters (in Canada), what kind of shows?  If you have any suggestions, please let me know!   I've already inquired about the "Fair November" but they're full for 2012. 
  Doll clothier Jennine Kafka told me about the Costume Convention happening in 2014 in Toronto that will have a best costumed doll event... this sounds very interesting.

Happy Birthday to you, Willow!

What do you think:  is my pup special or what?  Judging by her birthday treats, you sure would believe so!  Willow is turning 6 tomorrow and these are some of her treats!  Apple biscuits hand-dipped in melted yogurt drops with coconut sprinkles and, to share with her doggy friends, treat bags!  The treat bags and plain biscuits were bought at The Barkery.  She also has mini apricot cupcakes, which will have cream cheese frosting... and lots of long walks to work it all off!

May 3, 2012

Inspiration from Jim

The devils... how I would love to create some of these nasty fellows to pull the "Hell on Wheels" witch boot.  Of course, there's no guarantee that they'd be WILLING to pull the boot along... you never know with devils.
I lucked in and was at Michaels a few weeks ago with a "30% off your purchase" coupon:  I bought 7 pads of Sculpy in the deepest red.  I also bought the book Sculpting Mythical Creatures out of Polymer Clay by Dinko and Boris Tilov a while back... So I'm all set!  Now I just need:  time!   You can see these amazing creations in "Jim Henson's the Storyteller", in the episode "The Soldier and Death".