May 6, 2012

London Doll Show last weekend

So last Sunday we took part in the London Doll Show in London, Ontario; this was our table.  It was a frustrating day for us:  we received oodles of positive comments, many people saying things like "So imaginative!" and "So creative!" and "I'm so happy I saw your work!" and so on... but not a single sale.  Nothing.  Worse still, I didn't buy anything except one wig and a magazine. 
  So, where to go from here?  Well, up!  April Norton is striving to bring in more artists and higher end vendors but obviously it's a bit of an uphill struggle.  Where should I be showing my critters (in Canada), what kind of shows?  If you have any suggestions, please let me know!   I've already inquired about the "Fair November" but they're full for 2012. 
  Doll clothier Jennine Kafka told me about the Costume Convention happening in 2014 in Toronto that will have a best costumed doll event... this sounds very interesting.

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