Jul 28, 2016

While it's still Summer

July is almost over and time is passing faster than a melting ice cream cone in this heat!  

We are short of rain and it's been a hot week, but before we go any farther I wanted to share some garden photos from June.  August is going to be crazy-busy here at the Flying Leap so before we dive in enjoy these images. 

And here are Willow and Merlin with the iconic painted doors of Elora.  These doors are featured in many photos and paintings... but only this one features two exceptional canines.

Hope you're enjoying a Summer relaxing with ice cream in the cool shade!

Jul 18, 2016

105 Days to Hallowe'en!

There's always a wee bit of Hallowe'en lurking here at the Flying Leap, and come October we can't wait to let the bats, skellies and monsters out of the basement.  I'm always excited when I see something new that we could incorporate into our spooky decor so when I saw this I was in giggles:

It's from The Art of Darkness blog which has basic construction instructions/ideas. 

If Hallowe'en is your thing too and you can't wait to see the ghouls and ghosts arise, Elora is absolutely the place to visit in October.  The Twilight Zoo creatures appear on store fronts, private homes and parks and it's Monster Month!  Here's a list of October events, you'll want to stay overnight and the Leap will be deliciously creepy! 

Elora Fergus Studio Tour -- September 24 - 25th, October 1 - 2nd, 2016 http://www.elorafergusstudiotour.com

Elora's Horse and Hound Parade -- October 2nd, 2016  http://elora.info/events/2nd-annual-horse-hound-parade/

Elora's Sensational Soup Off -- October 10th, 2016  http://www.wellington.ca/Museum/

Guelph Studio Tour -- October 14 - 16th, 2016   http://www.guelphstudiotour.ca

Family Hallowe'en Activities at the Museum -- October 16th, 2016   http://www.wellington.ca/Museum/

Monster March Parade, 6:30pm -- Saturday, October 22nd, 2016  http://elora.info/events/monster-month-elora/

Kissing Bridge Trail Studio Tour -- October 22 -23rd, 2016 http://www.kbtstudiotour.ca/

Spirit Walks at the Poor House -- October 20 - 30th, 2016  http://www.wellington.ca/Museum/ 

(This list will be updated on our website: http://www.theflyingleap.com/elora.htm.)

Jul 12, 2016

Global News: Exploring the Village of Elora

We're in the news!  Please take two minutes to watch this nifty little news spot:
  and then come and experience it all for yourself!