Jul 25, 2011

Meet Baskin and Robbins!

Tammi and I got together this past Saturday and started our papier maché pumpkins, in my kitchen because it was just too disgustingly hot outside. And here they are, the first steps: selecting a paper bag of the right size (Baskin and Robbins bags!), stuffing the bag with crumpled newspaper and using twine to create the grooves all around the body. With the basic shape now created, it was time to start with the glue and newspaper strips! More pictures later!
Tammi (an excellent teacher!) pointed out that, although many tutorials tell you a plastic bag base is good, paper is much better as the first layer of maché will slip around on the plastic and be frustrating as heck!

Ratty intermission

I just wanted to share this adorable picture and tell you about
http://www.anyratrescue.org/. Any Rat Rescue is not a shelter, but rather a network of caring foster homes extending from Metro Phoenix to Tucson! For rats! I think that's just so wonderful!
Also I wanted to share this good news about medical testing and research on animals:
(From "Best Friends" magazine, http://www.bestfriends.org)

Jul 21, 2011


While straying from fabric, Tammi and I are planning to get together this weekend to make some papier maché Hallowe'en creations! We're inspired by Dan Reeder and Scott Stoll and their AMAZING bodies of work (including bodies) and hope to learn a lot as we go along! Tammi is an amazing paper artist and I'm looking forward to seeing her in action, and of course we're going to have a lot of fun, eat some amazing food and, if worst comes to worst, drown our exasperation in ice cream!

Jul 10, 2011


And what else have I been up to? Well, the demon is on hold as I realized I'm doing 2 shows this fall and have nothing small/inexpensive to sell. So I cut out 5 mini hedgehogs, all in different colors, to work on whenever the mood strikes.

Also, while I could still remember what I did, I created a copy of the bodice I made (as seen on the Avril look-a-like, in the June 12th entry) and drew out the pattern so I can replicate it with ease. This time I did it in a faux leather and while not perfect it turned out well. Again, Seian was my pin-cushion and modelled the piece when completed... and for a totally different look she sported a mohawk. Yup, the piece of fabric was just laying there and I thought "why not?" It's so hot here I'm thinking of chopping my hair too. So, if you want to commission a mohawk hair-do bear of your own, I'm game!

Of rats and mice

You may have noticed that I've changed my "avatar", from reading "The Pied Piper" to my rats to a close-up of Quin my rat. That's because I read in a book on marketting that you should try to keep your online presence (as part of your brand) consistent. Also, I'm now on etsy, and Quin was my avatar there. Yes, finally on etsy! Like I said, I'm slow but eventually I do get there! Check it out at http://www.etsy.com/shop/scratchingatthewindo?ref=ss_profile ! Unfortunately, I had to leave off the "w" at the end of "window", it was too long. :(

I wanted to share this display at the Library with you all, featuring "Novels Made into Film" and staring Mr. Jingles, created by Robin Andrea! She did an awesome job of bringing Stephen King's "The Green Mile" mouse to life and I'm honored to have him, and show him off!

I also really like what I was able to do with "Jaws", still (in my opinion) the most scary movie of all time. The mini poster was found in a magazine article about summer block-busters and the timing could not have been better. Care to go for a swim?

Jul 5, 2011


I have a vegetarian friend (hi Shauna!) who has inspired me to eat less flesh (yeah, carnivorous me!) and I wanted to share these 2 recipes, to perhaps help you to a less blood-thirsty, more caring and environmentally friendly you.

Also, my sister very much enjoyed these, although we did add chicken breasts to the asparagus dish (sorry, Shauna!). Both are really easy, and I pencilled in the changes I made.


I've been "away" (from my computer) for a week, but we're back from our Canada Day vacation! My sister visited with her 2 Aussies and we enjoyed the amazing weather, including a day at the Pinery! How's this for a perfect picture?! This is Willow, Zima and Mocha... although I have to point out that there were 3 "wranglers" and the dogs had spent all day on the dog beach, enjoyed a big doggy cookie and were in the middle of the Heritage Trail, so good and tired!

And this little wonder?! The Heritage Trail was almost swarming with these adorable miniature toads! Mom's finger shows you just how tiny this example is. At first we thought they were spiders, but no! (My sister pointed out that it was only cool because they were tiny: if they had been full-sized, we would have been running away, there were SO many!!)