Jul 10, 2011


And what else have I been up to? Well, the demon is on hold as I realized I'm doing 2 shows this fall and have nothing small/inexpensive to sell. So I cut out 5 mini hedgehogs, all in different colors, to work on whenever the mood strikes.

Also, while I could still remember what I did, I created a copy of the bodice I made (as seen on the Avril look-a-like, in the June 12th entry) and drew out the pattern so I can replicate it with ease. This time I did it in a faux leather and while not perfect it turned out well. Again, Seian was my pin-cushion and modelled the piece when completed... and for a totally different look she sported a mohawk. Yup, the piece of fabric was just laying there and I thought "why not?" It's so hot here I'm thinking of chopping my hair too. So, if you want to commission a mohawk hair-do bear of your own, I'm game!

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  1. Aw wow,isn't she something!!! Forgot to tell you that I can't wait to see those hedgehogs finished too!!