Dec 20, 2012

Save the Planet!

Dear Friends! Try to do what you can to make this Holiday green, and the New Year too!  The Polar Bears are counting on us, and our future depends on it too! 


This year Solstice is 21 Dec 11:12 (UTC), when the sun reaches its most southerly declination of -23.5 degrees. 

And here are some alternatives to Xmas:

Dec 19, 2012

My Kinda Christmas shopping!

A very cool Krampus Lauf in a Christmas Market in Munich, Germany!  My favorite is at 3:16, very cool!

And Philadelphia has a video:  Okay, it's a start! 

Dec 17, 2012

26 moments of hope

It's been such a bleak Season, when I came across this I just had to share that there IS good out there: . Take a few moments to go through the list, wipe away a tear or two and feel a little bit better about humanity.

Dec 14, 2012

Krampus in dEdmonton

dEdmonton rocks!!  On December 5th Edmonton, Alberta, had its first ever Krampus Nacht and while the Krew was small the Krew was awesome!!!  Look at the creativity!!!  LOVE the variety!

These photos are from the sites below, where you can find many more:
Thank you for sharing! Thank yo

Dec 13, 2012

Krampus treasures

What's it all about?  Xmas is slowly "appearing" in our house as we prepare for guests but it's mostly Mom who's doing the decorating while I'm at work...  We got our tree, it smells nice, the real pine scent can't be beat!
It's such a fake time of year, "peace on earth" while folks speed through red lights, plan hideous murders and set puppies on fire...

    My mood did improve however when I found these awesome Krampus images, in an online encyclopedia!  I've never seen these before, so enjoy!

A 1913 watercolor by Hubert Zwick

An oil painting on wood by Alice Boesch, 1896

From the journal of Carl Baumann, 1813-1825

A 1906 Hungarian postcard, note the prominent depiction of Krampus' mis-matched feet!  Love it!

I wish there were more images of this 1900s sculpture, note the human-like figure in Krampus' basket.

Dec 10, 2012

Fa la la blah

Spent two days making cookies.  Sick of cookies. This is how I feel about cookies:
I'd rather have yummy brains...

Dec 9, 2012

I love etsy!!!

I have to celebrate!  I have had my first AND second sales on my etsy site!!!  On Sunday, December 2nd, my Kenny the Living Stole was adopted (going to the States), and then on Monday Silver the Living Stole found a home (in England)!!!  WOW!!!! 

Here they are, all wrapped up!  They were mailed on Wednesday, off to their new homes!  Thank you etsy! 
(Of course, if you want to see everyone who is availabe AND the sales on right now, visit my .

Dec 5, 2012

Gruss vom Krampus!

Happy Krampus Night! 
Tonight Krampus roams and there are Krampus Läufe and parades in Austria and surrounding mountainous areas and... Edmonton?  Yes, Canada is having its very first Krampus event in Edmonton, Alberta! 
I'll post a link to photos and hopefully video when they're up!  But for tonight here is my very own Krampus.  He was created by artist Beth Hutchison and I think she did an incredible job, capturing all the key elements and adding her own personal flair.  Look at those horns!  The tongue!  The one hoof! 
So I hope you haven't been TOO good and catch a glimpse of the "Devil of Christmas" for yourself!

Dec 1, 2012

Phoenix rising

Have you heard about Phoenix?  On October 29th, 2012, two older teen boys strung up a 16 week old Jack Russell puppy, doused him in lighter fluid and set him on fire.  A woman saw the burning pup and called police and rescuers have been able to help Phoenix as he fights to recover from burns to 30% of his body, a leg infection and other issues.  Yes, his ear tips are burned off.
Please visit the link above and consider signing the petition to demand the highest possible punishment for the two who tortured this dog.
Then also visit the petition site to demand that Phoenix's Law creates stronger penalties for animal abuse:
 Maybe something good will come out of this poor animal's incredible suffering:  maybe we can stop this from happening as often as it does. 
  Please don't be a bystander:  speak out!

Krampus and Friends

Krampus has friends? Yes, indeed! Here's a great article about Krampus and some of his buddies who used to keep the kiddies in line. Ah, the good ol' days...

The dark side of the wreath: Putting a terrifying new spin on the old holiday party
by Meaghan Baxter

Remember all those holiday parties your parents used to dress you up for and drag you to as a kid, where some fat guy from their office got the task of dressing up as Santa Claus? Well, now that you're the adult calling the shots, why not think outside the box for some creative and colourful holiday figures. Be warned, though: you're going to have to find the right kind of party for each of these.


This mythical creature makes getting a lump of coal seem like hitting the jackpot. Krampus is recognized in European Alpine countries and, according to legend, the creature accompanies jolly old St Nicholas during the Christmas season, punishing bad children.

In contrast to St Nick, Krampus is represented as a beastly figure, and quite frankly, a little demonic—covered head-to-toe with brown or black fur, complete with cloven hooves, a monstrous tongue and long, twisting horns. The roots of the Krampus legend are in German folklore and during the first week of December, particularly on the evening of the fifth—also known as Krampusnacht—young men in Austria, southern Bavaria, South Tyrol, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia would roam the streets with rusty chains and bells, scaring the bajeezus out of children.

Along with chains and bells, Krampus is said to carry a bundle of birch switches, also known as ruten, perfect for swatting bratty children. Ruten has significance in pre-Christian pagan initiation rites, but in some depictions of Krampus, which vary depending on the region, it is shown wielding a whip or with a basket or washtub attached to its back. If a naughty child got off with a swat, they should consider themselves lucky. The basket or washtub was ideal for carting off evil children for drowning, eating or even transporting them to hell. Being good all year doesn't sound so bad now, does it?


Krampus isn't the only figure in Christmas folklore known for devouring children. In Iceland, naughty children were told they would face the wrath of Grýla if they did not behave. The ogress dwells in a mountain cave, but comes out each year at Christmas time to teach misbehaving rug rats a thing or two. Grýla's dish of choice was a stew made of naughty children, and she had an insatiable appetite. However, it wasn't until the 17th century she was linked to Christmas, by which time she had become mother of the Yule Lads—13 figures who range from mischievous pranksters to slightly more evil characters. Ostensibly, children couldn't handle the legends of the ogress and in 1746 a public decree was issued prohibiting the use of Grýla and the Yule Lads to terrify children.


This character has reformed his ways, but back in the day he was not one to mess with. The story derives from Basque communities, and while the tale varies, a common version depicts Olentzaro as a jentillak—a mythological race of giants. However, he is also represented as a strong man and charcoal burner who crafted toys for children. Doesn't sound so bad, right? Think again. Children were often told that if they did not go to sleep and misbehaved, Olentzero would hurl a sickle down the chimney and slit their throats.

Around 1952, Olentzero traditions were revived in a much more child-friendly fashion, with the more gruesome elements of his mythology being conveniently removed. Modern depictions of Olentzero portray him as a much more lovable figure, varying by region depending on whether his pagan or Christian roots are being recognized. Generally, he is now portrayed as an overweight man dressed in traditional Basque farming attire, complete with a beret and pipe.