Dec 13, 2012

Krampus treasures

What's it all about?  Xmas is slowly "appearing" in our house as we prepare for guests but it's mostly Mom who's doing the decorating while I'm at work...  We got our tree, it smells nice, the real pine scent can't be beat!
It's such a fake time of year, "peace on earth" while folks speed through red lights, plan hideous murders and set puppies on fire...

    My mood did improve however when I found these awesome Krampus images, in an online encyclopedia!  I've never seen these before, so enjoy!

A 1913 watercolor by Hubert Zwick

An oil painting on wood by Alice Boesch, 1896

From the journal of Carl Baumann, 1813-1825

A 1906 Hungarian postcard, note the prominent depiction of Krampus' mis-matched feet!  Love it!

I wish there were more images of this 1900s sculpture, note the human-like figure in Krampus' basket.

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