Dec 1, 2012

Phoenix rising

Have you heard about Phoenix?  On October 29th, 2012, two older teen boys strung up a 16 week old Jack Russell puppy, doused him in lighter fluid and set him on fire.  A woman saw the burning pup and called police and rescuers have been able to help Phoenix as he fights to recover from burns to 30% of his body, a leg infection and other issues.  Yes, his ear tips are burned off.
Please visit the link above and consider signing the petition to demand the highest possible punishment for the two who tortured this dog.
Then also visit the petition site to demand that Phoenix's Law creates stronger penalties for animal abuse:
 Maybe something good will come out of this poor animal's incredible suffering:  maybe we can stop this from happening as often as it does. 
  Please don't be a bystander:  speak out!

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