Sep 18, 2013

Seize the day!

Summer vacations are becoming more and more important as I grow older.  Perhaps it's because of the perception of time, once they were endless, now they are far too short and fleeting.  Once, everything seemed eternal, now end-times are approaching and each day shines with a value and brilliance totally unappreciated during the monotony of work.  Here, then, is how to seize the last days of Summer as demonstrated by Willow and Merlin on the beach near Bayfield.  Enjoy!    

Cambridge Maple Leaf Doll Club Show report

What a pretty room!  The Armenian Community Centre in Cambridge was the site of the 30th Maple Leaf Doll Club Show and I was very pleased to be an exhibitor.  It was a cloudy day with threatening rain, which is just perfect for a show in September and attendance seemed high. 

We were at the back of the room and enjoyed a lot of positive compliments on my work and artistry but only 1 wee sale.  Sadly, there were very few artists exhibiting and only one other bear artist.  I did however pick up a gorgeous Hansa newborn fawn from Catherine Griffin who's importing Hansa and a stunning doll's wig in long rivers of black AND red hair, perfect for a witch, from Jennine Kafka! 

Sep 4, 2013


River the Pine Marten was born a few days ago and enjoyed a photo session out in the garden.  Here he is investigating the rocks and mosses, looking for a tasty vole or toad.
Both River and Spook have a bendable spin, so they can look very realistic. 


What a face!  He looks young, like Spook, but also very different.  I have to admit that a lot of that difference is due to the fabric. 

With a few more tweeks, this pattern will be perfect!  I'm so happy I was able to burst out of my rut and be successful with a critter I wanted to make for a long time.  There's always self-doubt and a leap of faith in your own ability when you try something new, so creating River is really a joy and a beautiful re-affirmation of my abilities.  Thank you, River and Spook!

Sep 2, 2013

New member of the family: meet Merlin

With much anticipation, last Friday we got to meet the newest member of the family: Merlin.  My sister adopted this homeless 1 year old Australian Shepherd and he's as good as gold!   Smart, affectionate and wanting to please, Merlin also is a rambunctious teen who's testing his boundaries but he's oh so very smart in the best ways. 
And here he is playing with my 7 year old Willow! 

Ever since being attacked by a Golden Retriever she hasn't been the same, I can't predict her reaction to new dogs.  We were very careful in how we introduced these two, choosing to simply walk away from the house, meeting at the end of the driveway and just continue walking.  As we moved quickly along, the dogs both had no time to fuss and got to sniff each other only when we paused.  In this way, they got used to each other, had multiple quick introductions and any shows of aggression were quickly stopped by walking on.  By the time we reached our driveway (about 10 minutes later), they were ready to be off leash in the yard, and everything was okay!  Sure, there are angry growls and teeth every now and again but no fighting.  Willow is very clear when she wants Merlin to back off and he does. 

And when my sister visits we often go shopping and we found Hallowe'en!  In our Dollarama and Dollarstore, we got some Hallowe'en goodies, like this large circular "Happy Hallowe'en" window decoration, and Winners had some goodies too, with lots of great Canadian-made dog treats!  Let the party begin!

That's Zima, Mocha and Merlin deciding if the house is too scary to enter and here's Willow taking a break.