Sep 4, 2013


River the Pine Marten was born a few days ago and enjoyed a photo session out in the garden.  Here he is investigating the rocks and mosses, looking for a tasty vole or toad.
Both River and Spook have a bendable spin, so they can look very realistic. 


What a face!  He looks young, like Spook, but also very different.  I have to admit that a lot of that difference is due to the fabric. 

With a few more tweeks, this pattern will be perfect!  I'm so happy I was able to burst out of my rut and be successful with a critter I wanted to make for a long time.  There's always self-doubt and a leap of faith in your own ability when you try something new, so creating River is really a joy and a beautiful re-affirmation of my abilities.  Thank you, River and Spook!