Sep 18, 2013

Cambridge Maple Leaf Doll Club Show report

What a pretty room!  The Armenian Community Centre in Cambridge was the site of the 30th Maple Leaf Doll Club Show and I was very pleased to be an exhibitor.  It was a cloudy day with threatening rain, which is just perfect for a show in September and attendance seemed high. 

We were at the back of the room and enjoyed a lot of positive compliments on my work and artistry but only 1 wee sale.  Sadly, there were very few artists exhibiting and only one other bear artist.  I did however pick up a gorgeous Hansa newborn fawn from Catherine Griffin who's importing Hansa and a stunning doll's wig in long rivers of black AND red hair, perfect for a witch, from Jennine Kafka! 


  1. What a pretty venue. And your table is gorgeous!

  2. Thank you! And the location for the show was great in every way.