Oct 24, 2011

Why dogs aren't allowed in cemeteries

I have a cake in the Kraft "Halloween Centre" gallery! Go to http://www.kraftcanada.com/en/community/gallery.aspx?plckGalleryID=c5adadb0-af9c-4a39-a972-2f835af5903d to see the gallery or directly to:
http://www.kraftcanada.com/en/community/photo.aspx?plckPhotoID=30144f37-7de2-4d03-8968-98b1c8086781&plckGalleryID=c5adadb0-af9c-4a39-a972-2f835af5903d If you want more details on how to recreate this cake, just email me.

I hope you're having fun with your Hallowe'en preparations. Here's a picture of my conjoined twins and partially eaten gingerbread men!
I'm so happy I found these cookie cutters!

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