Oct 6, 2011

Doll Master magazine

I'm so honoured to share this news with you! Back in February, I was approached by Alexandra Varenikova of "Doll Master" magazine, a Russian publication. She was looking for Canadian Teddy bear artists and had seen my work online: would I be interested in being included? YES! And so finally I received my copy and I'm entirely blown away by the quality of art in this magazine! Not only is the magazine a high-gloss publication, the doll art is breath-taking! Wow! And three of my girls are in there: Seian, Sarah Bratbie and Melusine!
(Click on the thumbnails to see full-sized images.)

Sadly, I don't know any Russian at all, do you? If you do, are you willing to translate these 3 pages? I'd very much appreciate it!! Please email me!

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  1. Translated! I really appreciate being able to read the part about my critters, thank you so much Nina! If you'd like to read it to, please visit my website at http://www.scratchingatthewindow.com!