Jul 10, 2013

Les Fluffy Femmes Fatale

My three ladies... Lady Teah with her dragon companion are relatively new but Sri Lanka the Bellydancer and Giselle the French Maid have been with me a long while.  It's a weird science to try and determine the desires of collectors and an even weirder science to try and explain what gets adopted and why.  Still, while Sri Lanka gets interested suitors and everyone laughs with Giselle (and she has one of the most beautiful noses I ever stitched), they are still here with me.  So, time for a radical change-up!  Partially inspired by my acceptance into the Cambridge Maple Leaf Doll Show (this Sept. 15th) and largely inspired by the fact that the crazier the costume the faster they find homes, we agreed that going Goth was a good choice!

My three ladies... so here they are stripped to almost nothing (Giselle was a bit shy).  Unfortunately, as I was working on Lady Teah I managed to break a glass eye, bugger!!!  So since I had to get her a new pair I tried out all kinds and you know what looked great?  Demon red!  Here they are, Lady Teah, Sri Lanka and Giselle.

It was fun and cathartic in a way to re-model these girls, to take them from a stagnant image and rework their looks and characters to revitalize and bring them to live again! 

So let me introduce you to Demonia, Banshee and Venus!  Demonia now has a red spider for a companion and wears a vinyl catsuit with a high collar and hip-high laced up boots, Banshee had her curly locks straightened and sports a faux-leather bodice, lacy mini skirt and net choker.  Venus traded in her red hair and now is a bleached blonde with pink tips, wearing a faux leather and fur patterned bodice and laced hot pants with thigh high vinyl boots banded just below the knee with cross and loop detailing.  All three sport a lot of jewelry!

Banshee, Venus and Demonia are looking for homes, so if you're interested, email me for additional photos or price and shipping information.  These ladies are not yet on my website, you're getting the first look right here!

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