Jul 19, 2013


Our little Amazon the baby crow has an update on Salthaven's Facebook page (July 14th entry)!!!  In case you don't use Facebook, I've copied the photos and information from there.  Enjoy reading about our little darling, I'm so happy he has such a good chance of being returned to the wild! 

"This baby crow was admitted to Salthaven on May 25. When found, no parents were in sight and a dead sibling lay nearby. He was rescued by a concerned citizen and brought to Salthaven. He is growing up with another crow at Salthaven.
Baby Crows possess voracious appetites and within 3 weeks, this little crow grew to twice his size. Here he is being misted by Ashley, a Salthaven volunteer. This practice helps to keep the crows hydrated and cool during hot days. As can be seen, the crows take great pleasure in this process and conduct their strategic best to position themselves close to the spray bottle.
Crows are very social creatures, so every precaution is taken at Salthaven to avoid socialization with humans and to ensure dependency on humans is minimal.
Once old enough, the crows are given a pen separate from other birds and contact with humans decreases steadily. They begin to eat on their own without human assistance and as time goes, all human elements such as food dishes, disappear from their immediate area. Food starts to be creatively hidden throughout their pen which allows the crows to search to find food on their own. In time, when flying well and accustomed to finding their own food, they will be released as independent birds. Keeping the wild in wildlife is an important part of the work that goes on at Salthaven."

All 4 photo by Blanka
 Stunningly beautiful, what a treat to have held him and felt his heart beating! 

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