Aug 4, 2013

Happiness is a long weekend! Happy Civic Holiday!

Happiness is... finding a non-toxic way to kill ants that WORKS!  Yes, use cornmeal or corn flour, liberally sprinkle it around the anthill, make sure your dog doesn't eat it and watch the ants disappear!  Apparently they can't digest the corn but they don't know that and eat it and die.  It takes about 3 weeks to kill the whole colony but it works, chemical free! 

Happiness is... pulling on pants that you wore in college and finding they still fit!  Okay, not great but still wearable! 

Happiness is... baking a delicious treat, having someone you love say it's fantastic (thanks Mom) and getting the chance to share it with people who will appreciate it (see you soon, Dodo). 

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