Aug 19, 2013

First harvest

My first mini fabric pumpkin is finished!  Isn't he cute?!  I finished off the super soft pumpkin with a real little branch for a stem, a twisted pipe-cleaner "vine" and a faux leather leaf. 
And I treated myself to a few quilling supplies from the Quilling Superstore that arrived today.  I especially wanted the quilling tool with a 1/4" slot and I got 2 different widths of paper strips and a mixed pack of oranges and yellows full sized sheets that I'll have to cut myself.  It turns out that the paper width I like best, 1/4", isn't very popular and there aren't' too many color options in that width.  Ah well.


  1. Super CUTE soft pumpkin! Really adorable.
    And new paper supplies, oooh, always inspiring for me - especially with lots of colours!!

  2. Yes, I can imagine you drooling over my paper, Tammi! Have you ever quilled?