Aug 11, 2013

Mohawk styling

The transformations have continued!  After giving Seian a Mohawk and a dress made from a lost leather glove I decided to see what Banshee and Venus would look like with Mohawks.
The neat part about all this was taking the photos to tell a story about our hair madness episode on the website.  The girls are really very pose-able and fun to play with! 
So here's Banshee with her blue Mohawk being admired by Seian.
And here's Venus with a multi-colored pink and black one. 
I think the long wigs look better on both girls, but Seian can pull off anything.  The question is, what will cause folks to stop and look at what's on my table at the doll show next month??
The whole glove dress and hair craziness story can be read by clicking here.  Notice how the girls are posed for the photos, very flexible!  Their entire bodies are built over wires with Flexlimb spines right up into their heads.



  1. Love the pics of them posing together! I can't help thinking they look like members of a Punk Rock band, lol!

  2. Hey, they DO look like a punk band, don't they!