Jun 5, 2012

Into the dark woods

Yesterday we went to see "Snow White and the Huntsman", which was a treat, we rarely go to the cinema.  The movie was predictable, after all it is Snow White, but full of incredible treats, in particular the castle and Queen Ravenna's costumes.  Oh my gosh!  My chin nearly hit the floor when I realized her neckline was encircled by bird skulls on one incredible coutured creation!  Very fitting of her character, and so wow! 

Definitely the star of the show!  Bones, beetles, feathers, metal work, etc...  What imagination!

As for the rest of the film, if you want magic rent "Legend", with Tim Curry.  In "Snow White...", all the critters are computer generated and are not terribly convincing... I wish they'd reworked the White Stag, who certainly deserved better.  And why computer generate bunnies when they're so easy to be had?  Ah well, go see it for the costumes and the castle, and the bridge creature who was quite lovely, all stone and roots and moss.  And Queen Ravenna's back story added dimension to her character. 

These images are from this site.

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