Nov 14, 2012

Pain in the gl-ass

So how do you ship a unicorn with a glass horn?  This unicorn and faery were part of my own private collection and I offered them for auction on the Online Hallowe'en Artists' Studio Trick or Treat.  They were won, thank you Tanya, and now have to travel to the States and get there in one piece!  Yicks! 
So I tied them down in separate boxes, like when you buy action figures. And then put them in one big box.
 The unicorn is tied down in 3 places: the stomach, the tail and 1 leg. S/he does not move in the box and therefore the horn doesn't touch anything and won’t get bumped. (I taped to the box a little bag containing the original green hang tags, as you can see in the picture.)
The faery actually proved to be more complicated. She too is attached to the box in two places: both wrists. However, the wings are just pinned on and move a bit and probably will need a bit of fiddling after their journey.  The crown and costume are also very fragile... bugger!  The artist certainly never thought about having to ship her creation!! I bought the pair at a show many years ago, so brought it home very carefully in a box in the car...

Well, it’s been a great learning experience! Now I know that should I ever wish to create something this fragile I’ll have to rethink the design!!! Personally, I’ve created 2 unicorns and in both cases made it so the horn was removable for transport!

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