Jul 17, 2014

Butterfly outlaws

Law-breakers that we are, we grow “noxious weeds” along the back of the house (milkweed has been classified as a noxious weed where we live and "must be destroyed").  Our reward:  we are blessed with Monarchs!!! 

Since our kitchen window is right over the plants, we can see when the Monarchs come flitting about and so yesterday I went out with my camera... Trying to photograph a butterfly on a windy day as it dances about the garden is quite a challenge, but the butterfly always came back to the milkweed and I believe laid eggs on the underside of leaves!  Eventually (what did we do before digital cameras?!) I actually managed to capture a few good pictures!

Since records have been kept (going back about 20 years), last year the number of Monarchs making it to their winter destination in Mexico fell 59%, the lowest on record.  So help them out!

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