Sep 15, 2014

Into the Gorge we go!

If anyone ever tells you they're going to quit their job, move and start a new business all at the same time, stop them!  Let me just say that we've certainly been pushed to our limits in many ways and it's only because of teamwork, positive thinking and determination that we've made it through some days.  Water in the basement = check.  Furnace that won't work (although it worked for the inspection!) = check.  Windows painted and glued over with no air conditioning = check.  Broken lawn mower = check.  Movers who beat up our furniture = check (22 damaged items and still finding more, avoid Good 'Ol Boys Moving Company at all costs!)  Wrong headboards sent, the ones we want on back order since July = check.  New fence chipped and scrapped at instillation = check.   The list goes on and on.  It was a blessing that our vacation, booked and paid for last January, was last week and we had a much-needed break in peaceful, dog-friendly Woodhaven Country Lodge.
  On the good side:  friends and family who have shown nothing but support (thank you Rose, Carl, Melanie, Doris), a community that has shown nothing but enthusiasm and glowing anticipation for our venture (wow, Elora, you rock!), a "handyman" that is worth his weight in gold with his care, attention to detail, timeliness and precision (Tim, you're incredible!), a realtor who has gone above and beyond after-sales service in regards to our leaky basement (George, all I can say is thank you!), bookings already for Thanksgiving and Christmas, doggy walks along the Gorge Trail that take my breath away every time, and this list goes on and on too.  
  I feel very blessed... that is when I'm not holding on white-knuckled with both hands and screaming on this roller coaster ride!  : }  
 Here are some photos that were taken when my sister visited, enjoy!  And come see the Gorge for yourself!
Doris and Merlin with Willow in the Irvine River part of the Gorge.  Love that cave!

The view from Lover's Leap.

 This is our Meadow Room, where my sister stayed with her pups.

Merlin in our back/side yard.

Spooky trees are created by the Gorge's merciless cliffs... beautiful!

Down into the Gorge.

 The "Tooth of Time", a stunning little rocky island in the Elora Falls.

Me and my Willow.

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