Jan 15, 2015

A sense of place

I found these two books at the public library (libraries are wonder-filled!) and found them both to offer interesting things to say about living along a racing river.  Almost every day I walk along the Irvine River gurgling, whirling and dancing at the bottom of the Gorge and it's always beautiful, and somehow mind-quieting. In "A Living River by the Door", Sylvia Galbraith writes, "The act of looking at flowing water provokes instant revery and remove from one's day.  The river water in perpetual departure exerts a relentless tug on the spirit, and instills a constant, if veiled, awareness that over the horizon on all sides lie the vast freshwater lakes that define this countryside, and the imaginative landscape of all living here."  I only partial agree, but it started me thinking about my relationship to the River.  I think the constant arriving and departing of the water creates a very deep sense of "here" and "right now".  I'm not inspired to think about where the water has been or where it's going, or a need to dream about elsewhere, I feel my feet become very rooted to the spot, not letting the flow take me away from a strong attachment and awareness of where I am.
Living in such a natural area is easy on the senses and the soul.  I hope to cultivate this appreciation and never take it for granted!

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