Dec 16, 2015

Graveyard weather

The weather has been wet and foggy for days, and we've been inside busy baking and finally hanging pictures in our living space... I needed a break, so I said to Mom yesterday afternoon, " Let's do something fun."  She said, "Okay, like what?"  I replied, " Let's go the the cemetery and find Dr. Robertson's grave."  Okay, not your idea of fun?  So we hopped into the car without Willow as the weather was pretty wet and drove to the Elora Cemetery.  

Our house was built for Dr. William Robertson in 1891, and he lived 1865 - 1941.  I had the plot designation, D7-9 and figured it would be relatively easy to find... not so!  The Elora Cemetery does not have any section breakdowns, so you're expected to know where the office is and go there first to locate the grave you want!  Gesh!  We were extremely lucky to be there at the same time as the ground's keeper, who was very helpful and patient.  He phoned the office and someone there looked up Dr. Robertson in the computer:  no hits.  So they looked in the old records:  success!  The plot she gave us was G46, close to the chapel.  The three of us hunted for the grave and after a while Mom spotted it, close to a pathway.  Yeah!  

I've read that at the time of his death, Dr. Robertson did not get a gravestone, his plot was unmarked.  Only afterwards did the citizens of Elora raise enough money to have this monument created.  The questions are:  where is Dr. Robertson's body, is it here?  What happened to the money that he had nothing for a gravestone?  And what of Florence, who died in 1930?  Where is she buried?

What a nice spot, and it stopped raining long enough for us to walk around a little.  

A close neighbour is this lovely stone with the elegant draping.

And we both appreciated this umbrella tree.  We figured the stone never gets wet under this dense greenery!

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