Nov 5, 2016

By the light of the Hallowe'en moon

Since it's over, I won't be spoiling anyone's fun by sharing these awesome photos of Tim Murton's "Twilight Zoo: Back from the Dead"!  It took place here in Elora at our Elora Centre for the Arts from October 12-31 and was eeriely beautiful and spooky.  

There photos were all taken by my sister Doris, and I'd say she did a pretty awesome job at capturing the beasts and the atmosphere!  

Not only were the beasts awesome but the hand-painted backdrops were gorgeous, really adding to the whole experience.  Not to forget the sound effects:  the original sound effects were perfect, especially the multiple whispering voices in the Tunnel!  The lighting was also just perfect, with just enough to cast eerie shadows everywhere.  In the Tunnel, the lights even went fully OUT! for a few seconds at intervals, leaving you utterly alone in the Tunnel with its many creepy flora (I'm sure man-eating) and fauna!

Sorry you missed it?  Tim has been doing this for 17 years, always making it a bit different, so plan to visit in October 2017!

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