Jun 5, 2011

Coverage in Teddy Bear Review and Dolls magazines!

Thanks to Teddy Bear Review's editor Joyce Greenholdt, the Online Halloween Artists' Studio Trick or Treat that I host will get a news report in Teddy Bear Review and Dolls! This is just wonderful and will certainly mean a lot in regards to how many people will visit the site come October 1st! WoW!!

This could be the turning point for the show, making our 3rd year the best yet and establishing it in the Teddy Bear and Doll communities! Of course, the tour isn't just Teddies and dolls, it will always be all sorts of art, but the Teddy world is where I'm coming from so obviously that's where my biggest connections are.
Interested in taking part? Talk to me! It's all about art, Hallowe'en and saving bats! If these three things get you excited, email me at woosel[at]wildmail.com and I can send you the requirements.

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