Dec 19, 2011

Making Christmas

Ah, the smell of baking... Mom and I have been whipping up some really wonderful treats, deciding not to buy any cookies this year and make what we want. (We did still buy chocolates. :) )

So, here's everyone's favorite: Chocolate Carmel Thumbprints! Wow... you squish in a piece of Caramilk into each cookie and the result is awesome! All they need now is a dusting of icing sugar. (If you want it, just email me for the recipe.)

Then I made Chrusciki for the first time ever! It's quite a process, and since we don't have a deep frier I used the fondu pot, setting it into the sink for safety. Roll, cut, fry, dry... it went well and luckily I decided to 1/2 the recipe because it takes a while and I made 92 cookies (also awaiting icing sugar in this photo)! (Just look up "chrusciki" on

These are supposed to look like "angel wings" but try as I might they turned out looking like... deep fried squid? Ah, Hallowe'en... Only 318 days away and I already have a new recipe!

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